Thursday, 11 August 2011

Travel correspondent Andy Jarosz

This evening we heard from travel correspondent Andy Jarosz who told about travelling safely given the recent unrest we have witnessed in the UK.
Andy advised consulting the foreign office web site which informs you of countries not to travel to and gave us tips such as;
* Using social media web sites to check out the place your travelling to
* Driving laws in that country
* Keep a list of important phone numbers with you such as the British Embassy
* Scan a copy of your passport and other important travel documents to your email folder so it can be printed out if needed.
* Do not cary large amounts of cash and cards when visiting tourist spots.
* Take advice on where to go or not to go from your hotel or the local tourist information office.
* Talk to local people about safe areas, resturants and bars to visit.

If travelling further afield you can register on the foreign office web site to advise them you are in particular location.

Andy has more details on his web site

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