Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Interview with musician Pete Waters and his experience in India

On this afternoons Drive Time show we were joing with musician Pete Waters.

When musician Pete Waters decided to travel to India he did not expect to see so many children living on the streets of Chennai. It was there where he befriended a group of Christians who were running an orphanage and an old people's home.

They informed Pete that they were also setting up a project called 'Street Kids in India' in order to protect and help children who are living on the streets. This project involves hiring a YMCA hall once a month and inviting the families and children who are on the streets to come in for some fun entertainment. This would included singing songs, playing games and as it is run by a Christian Missionary team they also read bible stories. When the family or children had finished for the day they would each receive a goody bag. If the children would like to literally 'get off the streets', the Christian Missionary group will happily welcome them to their orphanage homes.

Since Pete's visit he has kept in contact with the Christian Missionary group. They have told Pete that they are struggling to continue running their most recent project. So, Pete has organised a musical event on the first Sunday of every month at the Farmer's Boy pub on London Road in order to raise money for the 'Street Kids in India' project. Landlords, Doug and Roz have already very kindly donated £120 to the project, yet more money is desperately needed. So if you are looking for a joyful family day join Pete Waters and his family at the Farmer's Boy pub on London Road where there will be local bands playing, a carvery and children's entertainment. Donations will be on collection.

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