Friday, 19 August 2011

Interview - The Boys from Blackwood

Several weeks ago we were joined in the studio by four young men who had created a play for their A-levels and were preparing to take the piece to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Well they went, they saw and they conquered!

The boys were back in the studio to tell us what the experience of performing their show Blackwood in Edinburgh was like and how it all went. Well it turns out that they were incredibly well received (even Danny was gushing in his praise!) with one reviewer saying that "the acting is top-quality and full of classic touches."

The experience was a draining one as all the guys had to do their own advertising as well as the nine performances they did over the festival. They managed to get up to 60 people to see them every performance!

Such is the success of Blackwood that they've had offers of performing the show around St. Albans and even further afield and there is also talk of putting the production onto film. It'll be exciting to see how far this thing can go and I hope they always remember us here at Radio Verulam once they're famous!

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