Monday, 25 July 2011

WHD Regular Business Feature - With Roma Bhowmick

Today on WHD, Danny spoke with our Business Correspondent - Roma Bhowmick from Business Link. The topic today was - Employing Older Workers.

The law on retirement changed in April 2011 and post April this year, employees can continue to be employed after the age of retirement, if they are fit and able - workers now have the right to carry on working after the age of 65. Statistics say that people are working and living longer and by early 2020 people aged 50-64 will make up a third of the workforce.

Roma then highlighted managing an older workforce.

- Treat workers equally - regardless of age etc
- Older workers generally have a lower level of staff turnover.
- Older workers will not block opportunities for younger workers
- A broad skills set and ideas often comes with life experience.
- Older workers are still as productive and often more focused.
- Less likely to take 'sickies'
- Are ideal candidates to mentor and become involved in training other workers.

So employers, think less about age and more about maturity!

For details and advice on the new rules, please refer to the following websites
and of course contact your local CAB.

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