Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Interior Design feature with Gwendoline Alderton of G.A. Interiors

Today on WHD we spoke with Gwendoline Alderton of G.A. Interiors and the subject was Home Holiday Souvenirs!

We often go on holiday and come back with something for the home and then think... why did we buy that?! The beautiful rugs that you see in places like Morocco can seem so tempting. But you have to think - will the item go with the colourway in your house? Could it be too big and where will it go?

Forward planning is a good idea if you want to bring items back. Items like ceramic plates can be displayed on walls and always wrap items safely in your luggage. Be selective - you don't have to keep everything you are given too!

Look out for items on your travels such as - old french lace from Paris and Murano glass from Italy. Above all - happy shopping!

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