Tuesday, 14 June 2011

WHD - Travel Feature with Andy Jarosz

West Herts Drive Time was pleased to welcome our Resident Travel Correspondent Andy Jarosz!

Andy's first topic was packing for your holidays. As we only have 5 weeks until the schools break up for the summer, here are some ideas to make your packing easier.

As a rule, resorts will have most of what you need i.e. toiletries etc. Stansted Airport has relaxed its rules on hand luggage and you can now take small scissors and nail cutters. Also, do try and pack your hand luggage into one bag only. You can save being charged 30-40 pounds for excess hand baggage. Lastly, will you need all the clothes you take? Check to see if your accommodation has clothes washing facilities. Be sensible - don't take too much and don't take too little!

Volcanoes disrupting travel was next on the list. there are three active volcanoes in the world and their effects can be far reaching. Some airlines are now embracing new technology to detect the severity of ash clouds.

Finally, don't forget how lovely walking holidays can be, especially in this fine weather ! You can walk the calories off and some places even have a 'bag carrying service|'.

Details can be found on www.501places.com.

Many thanks to Andy Jarosz!

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