Monday, 16 May 2011

Monthly Feature - With Michelle Hart From The CVS

We were delighted to welcome Michelle Hart from the CVS with her regular feature on West Herts Drivetime. Michelle spoke on the subject of Internship and how rewarding that can be.

Also, it is time 'to celebrate and inspire!' as the first week in June will be Volunteers Week! There will be lots of displays in local libraries on how to become a volunteer. Michelle tells us that young people in the area have raised over 1k for local charities, so a very well done to all involved. If we can inspire volunteers - the whole of society can benefit.

Michelle told us about the forthcoming Volunteers Management Awards which will be held in July. Volunteers can nominate their organisation and forms can be obtained from the CVS, as can help for organisations to improve their volunteer management systems. So everybody benefits! for further details log onto

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