Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Interior Designer - Gwendoline Alderton

This week on West Herts Drivetime, Gwendoline spoke to Danny all about the latest trends - including what people are buying, regarding the Royal Wedding!

Gwendoline mentioned that florals are in fashion at the moment. There are many items you can buy for your home with floral patterns on, including wallpaper and cushions. Floral patterns can really brighten up your home, gives your house a lovely look, and can even bring back fond memories! It is important to use floral designs in the right way, looking at the scale of the room and what impression you are trying to create within the room.

Finally, Gwendoline talked about colour blocking - which is putting two or three colours together with very crisp, sharp edges. You can purchase striped wallpaper, and if you want to make the room appear taller run the wallpaper virtically. And likewise, if you want to make the room appear wider; run the wallpaper horizontally. The stripes can also be done with paint, you may need a steady hand though! 

For more details visit - http://www.ga-interiors.co.uk/

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