Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Miss Hertfordshire Galaxy Visits Radio Verulam

Radio Verulam will play host to Miss Hertfordshire Galaxy, April Banbury, tomorrow.

21-year-old April, from Hemel,
is currently a Miss Galaxy Finalist and will compete against 60 other finalist to win the title in February 19th.
Posing for photographs April smiles from ear to ear, but sadly it hasn't always been this way. April was bullied throughout her childhood,since the separation of her parents the children at her primary school would throw things at her, push her and call her names for being different.

"At secondary school i was bullied so much that on a bad day i would eat as little as 2 crackers."

The teenage bullies would turn everyone against April and some days the bullies would even kick and punch her, she was too scared to face her bullies which resulted in her missing most of her GCSE year at school.

Aprils depression took a turn for the worst and she became extremely weak and dangerously underweight. Doctors warned April that she would be sectioned at the hospital unless a miracle happened. it was at this point that her grandmother Dorothy pushed to get April the professional help that she so badly needed.

Thankfully the NHS got fantastic counsellors involved to help April overcome her illness and April is very grateful to have such a supportive grandmother and realises without her she may not be alive today.

April will share her story with Danny Smith, on Drivetime, tomorrow.

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