Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Monthly Travel Feature with Andy Jarosz

On this week's feature, Andy and Danny spoke of the ignorance of English speaking nations when travelling to foreign countries.

Due to English being widely regarded as the global language, much to the annoyance of the French, Andy says we frequently find ourselves speaking pigeon French or Spanish, and then immediately moving to English, even though they don't necessarily speak English any better than we speak their language.

In order to appear polite in a foreign nation, Andy said:

"If you look into learning a language, it can appear to be pretty daunting.

"The simple things will get you a long way; Hello, please, thank you.

"This will get you appreciation."

Andy also recommends obtaining a phrase book for reference while abroad, and also says learning the numbers will get you a long way.

"Learning key phrases, for example, to find out where you can access the Internet, will be hugely benficial."

Andy ended with some encouraging words for those Brits looking to improve their linguistic skills.

"There are so many words in our language that are the same in others. It really isn't as hard as people may think."

The main thing, he says, is to make an effort.

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