Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Monthly Feature with Mark Clementson of the Verulam Writers Circle

Today we chatted to Mark Clementson from the Verulam Writers' Circle, a not for profit organisation committed to helping writers to keep writing and improving what they write. He told us that the new anthology, 'The Archangel and the White Hart' is now available!

It contains more than fifty short stories and poems from more than thirty local authors, including novelists, journalists, and newcomers – young and old. All edited by the uber-talented Jonathan Pinnock, author of Mrs Darcy Versus the Aliens. Copies can be bought with paypal from www.vwc.org.uk.

Alternatively, tickets can be bought from the conference this Saturday! The conference is fully booked as of the end of today. For information about the conference or anything else concerning writing can go to the website www.vwc.org.uk, or to @getwriting2011 on Twitter.

All entries are in for the 'Get Writing Short Story Competition', and winners will be announced at the conference. The final three will be judged by broadcaster and novelist Sue Cook. Last year's winners will feature in the anthology.

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