Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Interior Design Feature with Gwendoline Alderton

Gwendoline popped into Radio Verulam for her regular Interior Design feature to talk to our listeners about beds.

She said the current trend is for larger beds, compared to just the standard double of the 1970s.

"Beds are getting bigger. The trend in my time was to have a double bed, but most people now are having a minimum of Queen Size, and many are even going for a Super King Size."

Gwendoline said the biggest bed on the market is a massive 13ft wide:

"Think of the room you need for that!"

The oldest bed is the Great Bed of Ware, currently located in the Victoria and Albert Museum.

She said it's a four-poster bed with curtains on the outside, and it's a considerable 12 ft wide.

But why are our bed's getting larger?

Well, people are getting bigger, yes. But Gwendoline says it's more to do with bed's becoming a more social space.

"People are using beds like another room, especially with the technologicall advancements like net books and tablets. People like to have them in bed."

So bedroom's are really becoming like a second lounge, and not just with couples, but particularly with teenagers.

Finishing on a postive note, Gwendoline said, despite the recession, couples are still going for a luxury hotel look, with silk curtains and scatter cushions.

You can't put a price on comfort.

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