Thursday, 10 February 2011

Education Recycle

This evening we heard from Emily Jones of the Education Recycle project;

Why do we need a site like Education Recycle?

These are just a few reasons why we feel that we need a site like Education Recycle

* There is huge evidence that due to lack of money, many school age children can not afford the school uniform and equipment required by most schools. This leads to children feeling different from their peers – isolated, bullied and there are reports of many children missing lessons due to lack of equipment, for example PE lessons and even not attending school at all solely because families can not afford to clothe and equip their children for school.
* Despite popular belief many councils do not provide grants to aid low income families in buying uniforms and equipment.
* That many children are excluded from attending after school clubs because of the high cost of uniforms and equipment needed.
* That many students are coming out of university with huge debt, some of this is due to the high cost of text books and equipment. Many students from low/middle income families are put off going to university because of the cost.

How can Recycling help?

* If everyone recycles any educational equipment that they no longer need, it gives ALL the chance to be educated to reach their full potential.
* It limits the impact that lack of money has on a person’s education – it means ALL can have access to an equal education.

Our Future Vision

* That no child is excluded because they can not afford the uniform or equipment needed to reach their full potential.
* That everyone is given the chance to flourish because of hard work and talent and not just because they can afford to be educated.

So how can you help?

* By passing on any educational equipment that you no longer need to another in your local community. Thus making sure that all have an equal chance to succeed; be it at school, college or university
* REMEMBER – This site is free to all that use it, it is free to join, list items and free to get the item- No money changes hands at any point – This is a recycling site not a selling site.

Last note to all –

* There are many problems in today’s society that are out of our control, but this problem can be fixed so easily. If everyone joins in, gives something, be it a text book, a school jumper or hockey stick instead of throwing it away, this problem could be solved.
Further details can be found the web site;

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