Thursday, 24 February 2011

Company Of Ten

This evening we heard from David Stone and Jane Fooks from the Company Of Ten.


You can join the Company of Ten or the Company of Teens to take a full part in the Company's activities.
Company of Ten

* Join as a full member and get involved
* The Company of Ten is the group that built the theatre, runs it, and stages at least ten productions a year. There are about 400 members ranging in age from 14 to over 90. You do not need to have any expertise or knowledge of theatre to join. There are numerous theatrical and non-theatrical things to do. Your involvement can be as much or as little as you want
* Examples:
o Theatrical - take part in productions: Acting , directing, prompting, stage management, set design, set construction, lighting, sound, props, costumes
o Front of House - help audiences: House manage, steward, box office, bar, coffee and ice cream sales
o Activities - run, help with or take part in activities: social events, Company of Teens, training, playwriting, play reading, newsletters, new ventures
o Maintain and improve the theatre and facilities: Maintenance, repairs, painting, carpentry, electrical, DIY
o Running the theatre and Company of Ten: Management, finance, administration, marketing, and just helping out when needed
* A monthly newsletter, Prompt Corner, keeps you fully informed
* Priority booking and ticket price discounts are available to you
* Make new friends, enjoy yourself, and be proud of your contribution

Single membership costs £35 a year (£20 with concession); Joint membership £60 a year (£50 with one concession, £33 with two concessions); Four year membership available at 10% discount

Concessions are available to over 60s, teens, and registered unemployed
Company of Teens

* The youth group of the Company of Ten meets once a week for a wide variety of activities

Teens join the Company of Ten at a concessionary rate (£20 a year)
full details can be found at the web site;

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