Monday, 10 January 2011

Monthly Feature with St Albans Citizens Advice Bureau

Today Elizabeth Crampton from St Albans CAB talked about how people can access the CAB services. St Albans CAB provides a drop in service during the week to provide inital advice with further specialist advice available at a later date as maybe required.

The CAB is also providing a telephone adivce through a mini call centre - the number to call if you would like advice from this service is 08444 111444.

Elizabeth also talked about credit cards and recommended careful management of such debts as it is a common problem the CAB gives advice about.

Best to avoid late payment charges wherever possible and try and make the minimum payment. It's also sometimes possible to agree a lower rate of interest with your credit card provider.

The last subject Elizabeth mentioned concerned the Sale of Goods Act. Legally, products and services should be fit for purpose, supplied as advertised and be of a satisfactory quality. If they are not, consumers are protected by law. Retailers should replace a faulty product or provide a refund.

For more information about St Albans CAB, check out

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