Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Monthly Travel Feature with Andy Jarosz

Andy told us that he has recently hosted a group of travel bloggers who had travelled to St Albans from Belgium, Holland, Italy and Spain to get a flavour of what St Albans is all about.

It was an opportunity for St Albans to get get some great publicity and many businesses helped out, giving these travel critics a warm welcome by providing food, accomodation and transport.

These writers have thousands of followers so St Albans will hopefully getting some great reviews and hopefully many more tourists!

Next, Andy commented on a question from a listener......'does a full board coach trip include drinks with meals?

And the answer.......NO. You might get water served at the table but you'll need to pay for all other drinks like a beer or a glass of wine. The only time you would usually get drinks included in your holiday booking is on an all inclusive holiday.

All inclusive is sometimes an option with package holiday deals. With some hotels included in package holidays you might be able to upgrade to all inclusive on arrival - sometimes at a better rate than what the tour operator/travel agent was offering!

India as a holiday destination was the next topic of conversation. An amazing place, sometimes hectic, great sights and culture. Highly recommended!

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