Monday, 1 November 2010

Monthly Feature with Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust

Today we were joined by Sarah Buckingham from Herts and Middlesx Wildlife Trust.

Sarah advised not to keep your garden tooooo tidy! By doing so, you can enjoy your outside space and so can some of the local wildlife. For instance, insects really like hollow stems for hibernating in and dead flower heads provide seeds for birds. And if you have any apple tress in your garden why not leave a few on the tree for the birds. Building a log pile also makes a nice home for hibernating wildlife including hedgehogs, slow worms, frogs and toads.

And especially try and remember any wildlife that might be in your garden if you're going to have a bonfire - please check your bonfire for hedgehogs before lighting.

Next, sarah recommended leaving your grass to grow long over the winter . This is great for small mammals and will also look great after the first cut at the end of winter. And why not make a bird bath! Birds need to wash to keep feathers in good condition which is really important over the winter. If you have a bird bath or make one, remember to break the ice up on your bird bath when the weather is cold. A good tip is to put a tennis ball in the bird bath which stops ice from forming.

Lastly Sarah talked about composting! All your scrap vegetable waste, grass and general garden cuttings can all go in the compost heap and can be used to nourish your garden in the future. If you choose to buy your compost, then please consider not buying any with peat in it. The reason being that if peat is being used for composting it removes natural habitats for some wildlife and as peat takes thousands of years to form, it could endanger some species.

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  1. Sorry I missed it. I might be interested in joining the Wildlife Trust