Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Interview with Marion Hammant of St Albans Civic Society

Founded in 1961 and part of the nation wide civic society movement, St Albans Civic Society is a registered charity, a non party-political and non religious organisation of over 500 members, ready to welcome everyone who cares about the future of St Albans.

Often referred to as the ‘City’s Watchdogs’, the Civic Society is the conservation and amenity movement for St Albans. They are a member of the national organisation 'Civic Voice'.

Put simply, that means they keep an eye on the City’s heritage, its buildings and the characteristics that make St Albans that special place in which to live, and perhaps work, and the reason why people come and visit.

The Society scrutinises the weekly planning lists, commenting on proposed developments, big and small, across the City centre, its suburbs and Green Belt, that may either enhance or adversely affect the appearance or environment of St Albans. To this end they are represented on local working groups and forums which deal with a wide range of issues affecting St Albans.

They are an organisation that wants to preserve our heritage, but at the same time encourage quality modern building – and they do mean quality, not anything-will-do pastiche.

If you would like to join them, maybe to offer to help, or maybe just to show support of what the Society aims to do. They offer, above all, a chance to be involved and have a say in what our city looks like and how it functions.

To join or for more information, check out http://www.stalbanscivicsociety.net/

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