Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Interview with Kirsty and Molly from St Albans Girl School 'Dragons Apprentice' team

This afternoon we interviewed Kirsty and Molly from the St Albans Girls School Dragons Apprentice team.

They explained that Dragons Apprentice is all about raising money and awareness for local charities. The challenge is to turn £100 into £1000 or more!

Dragons Apprentice runs until March 2011 with teams of students (The Apprentices) from various local schools competing. Local business 'Dragons' and mentors are providing support in the form of advice and resources to ensure business goals are reached.

This community challenge not only encourages schools and businesses to work together to support charities within the district of St Albans and Harpenden, but also inspires a new generation of students entering the business world to put their entrepreneurial skills to the test!

So far, the STAGS team have sold raffle tickets and table decorations at a Mayors dinner which raised an impressive £730. They are also volunteering to help the Round Table run the 'Santa Float' which travels around St Albans during the festive season. The STAGS team will be given a share of the money raised from this event to put towards the overall team total.

All money raised by the STAGS team will go directly to Homestart, St Albans, which is charity the team have chosen to support.

The winning team is the team that raises the most money for their charity, with a second prize going to the team with the best business plan.

Good luck to them all!

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