Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Monthly Travel Feature with Andy Jarosz

This month Andy talked about guide books. Do they still have a place in a modern world......?

Sales for guide books are in decline mainly due to other ways of being able to get hold of information before and during travel. The internet provides loads of information for travellers - including information and advice from tourist board websites and it's all for free.

The web can also provide reviews and recommendations on places to go, accomodation and things to do once you arrive at your chosen destination.

Digital travel guides are becoming increasingly popular especially when you can access the internet through your phone whilst on holiday. On some websites you can download information just for specific areas within larger cities or relevant to particular interests. Certainly saves having to cart round a few hundred pages of guide book!

And for those of you choosing a web based guide book to use on your phone whilst on your travels, do remember you'll need an internet connection and your charger. Costs can also be incredibly high when using a mobile abroad - especially using apps which can be very data hungry.

However, it could be said that guide books (whether you opt for electronic or paper based) can take some of the spontaneity out of travelling. It's possible to over plan when going on holiday, rather than discovering great places as you find your way around your destination.

And if you do like a traditional paper guide book, they'll serve as a permanent memory on the book shelf, and they turn into history books as they get older and outdated!

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