Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The Abbeyfield Society

This afternoon we were joined by Manuella White from the Abbeyfield Society. Abbeyfield is a non-profit organisation that provides housing, care and support for older people. They have provided over 700 houses and care homes across the UK with 14 of these houses in Hertfordshire.

On Friday, Abbeyfield are looking for wannabe wine conoisseurs to attend their event 'Call My Wine Bluff'! The event will involve three experts leading you through a variety of wines of different complexity and character but only one will be telling the truth. Then it is up to you and your table to decide - Wine Bluff or Buff? Tickets are £20 and include a welcome glass of fizz, six tasting wines, quality raffle prizes, cheese and pate platters, a great band and a bar which will be open all evening. It's not just for the elderly, its for anyone who likes a glass of wine! To reserve a place, contact Nicola Cohen on 07802465910 or visit

All proceeds will go to the Abbeyfield Society. For more information about Abbeyfield, call 01727 857536 for head office or go to

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