Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Monthly interior design feature with Gwendoline Alderton

This month, Gwendoline talked about how we can warm up our houses what with the weather getting colder.

If you have a cold house or room which feels cold even after you've turned up the heating, you could use colour to make it feel more cozy. Colours such as reds and plum are great for a warm feeling and can be complimented and balanced with caramel colours.

For that extra cozy look and feel, you could then add some furnishings with lots of texture - woolen furnishings are currently very popular.

So how do you use all these ideas in your house? You don't have to change the entire look of your home or a particular room, spend lots of money or go on a big decorating mission! You could just make changes using accessories. Items including vases and cushions are great accessories that can add colour, and of course can be changed to create a new effect as the seasons change or for any other reason.

Other great ideas to keep the place warm, include doubling up your curtains to help keep the heat in, lining your curtains with thermal lining and moving furniture (particulary that favourite chair or sofa) into a warmer area.

For more information on interior design, check out Gwendoline's website.

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