Thursday, 2 September 2010

I want to ride my bicyle...

Don Andrews spoke to us this evening about his long-established Verulam Cycling Club. The club was founded way back in 1928, and Don has been its President since 1987.

The club meet every Sunday morning, bright and early at 9am. Usually around 60 people turn up, and everyone is split between 5 groups according to ability. The club is essentially involved in road cycling, however they do also have a mountain biking section. All routes stay off the main roads and offer a great opportunity to explore and find out more about the area. Each Sunday members will cycle between 40 and 70 miles according to their ability group (Don assures us this isn't as far as it sounds!) and everyone returns at 1pm. And fear not, there's a stop for a tea-break along the way, of course.

Most people who take part have road bikes, and although this can be very expensive, nothing fancy is necessary and the club will teach you how to ride properly and safely.

With nearly 200 current members aged between 14 and 81, it caters for everyone (although please note that under 16s need to attend with a guardian). Be warned, that there may be a lot of MAMIL - that is, Middle Aged Men In Lycra! - who used to cycle in their younger days and have decided to return to it again later on in life.

There are lots of opportunities for competitions, either purely against yourself or against others. For example, Verulam Cycling Club runs the Chiltern Hundred Challenge every year, a one hundred mile cycle ride. Every Tuesday evening ten mile trials also take place, where members can compete against each other to see who can complete it fastest.

The club is very sociable, with plenty of opportunities for 'evening rehydration', and it even runs trips to the Alps to go and watch the Tour de France. So if you'd like to get involved, check out their website at or simply turn up on a Sunday at 9am at the top of St Peters Street, opposite the Blacksmiths Arms.

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