Monday, 23 August 2010

Karate in St Albans

On this afternoon's show Sensei Kevin Coles explained to us the benefits of taking up karate. Kevin has been training in karate for 29 years and the St Albans karate club is about to celebrate its 19th anniversary as part of the national TISKA karate association, taught in Dunstable by 7th Dan Sensei Sahota.

The St Albans club meets twice a week; on Thursday evenings at St Albans Girls School and Saturday mornings at Marlborough School. Members age from around six to sixty, although there is no upper age limit and all are welcome. There is also a tiny tots class for younger children who want to get involved.

While some people may raise objections about young children getting involved in an essentially violent art, the benefits of karate are huge; namely teaching children discipline and respect for others. Karate teaches self-defence physically and mentally - "the art of fighting without fighting." It can help people of all ages to improve their self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as having the obvious advantage of keeping fit. Karate involves all-round physical activity, from improving flexibility to aerobic exercise, and is a fantastic physical getaway from busy lives and modern technology.

The number of people training varies at different times of the year, but on average there are around 20-25 people per class. Karate is an individual art - you compare yourself only to yourself and do not judge yourself against anyone else. However if you would like to attend a class and see what the other people are like and whether karate is an activity for you, then go ahead - the first lesson is totally free.

The club is also involved with eight primary schools around St Albans, teaching self-defence to children during the week, so for parents who may be thinking about getting children involved, contact Kevin to find out if your child's school already participates.

Visit for more information including contact details for Kevin and his wife Eve who run the St Albans club together.

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  1. Karate is a Great Art/sport to get involved in, as one of Kevin's students I can safely say he is a great teacher, and I cannot speak highly enough of him. Karate helps promote discipline, fitness and self-confidence. Kevin gets these factors and other ways of karate across in his teachings.