Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Monthly Travel Feature with Andy Jarosz

On the show today, we heard from Andy Jarosz, our travel correspondent.

Andy talked about travelling and the weather. The weather can really affect your travel and holiday experience and the tip was to be prepared. Those that take the right gear with them are loads more comfortable, whether it's freezing cold, wet or boiling hot. And if rain falls, Andy recommends heading for things to do indoors such as visiting galleries, museums or even getting a bite to eat! And in the heat, remember to take shade and drink plenty of water.

Andy also mentioned that lots of people head for sunny destinations during this time of year. However, you could try a slightly different climate such as countries on the other side of the world who are currently going through winter. Places like New Zealand are offering great ski facilities at the moment, and if you want to experience 24 hour daylight, head for northern Norway or Iceland. You might even get to see the 'northern lights' in some parts of Norway depending on the conditions.

For more information on Andy and his various travel experiences, check out www.501places.com.

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