Thursday, 19 August 2010

Monthly Interior Design Feature with Gwendoline Alderton

On today's show, Gwendoline Alderton discussed colour in the Interior Design Feature.

After testing Danny Smith on Primary and Secondary colours, Gwendoline explained that warm colours, such as reds and oranges, can make rooms feel intimate and cosy, while cool colours, for example blues and greens, can create the illusion of space which is great in smaller rooms.

Gwendoline also talked about colour schemes. Monochramtic colour schemes involve using different shades of the same colour, Contrasting colour schemes use colours opposite eachother on the colour wheel such as blue and orange, and Harmonious colour schemes use colours that are next to eachother on the colour wheel, like red and blue.

Also discussed was the psychology of colour; red feels like a warm colour and is often used in pubs as it is a traditional English colour, but be careful when using red because it can seem agressive. Blue feels calm and is the UK's favourite colour, often used in offices, but it can feel cold and unfriendly. Yellow is a positive and friendly colour but can apparently cause emotional fragility, while green feels natural and balanced, representing eco-friendliness, but it can feel bland. Violet conveys spiritualism, but be careful when using it because it can give a feeling of inferiority.

Finally, Gwendoline talked about the use of colour. Before the economic downturn, there were alot of chocolate and aqua colours, but then after the downturn, more "buy-me" colours were used, which are strong colours such as fuchsia. Now that we feel the economy could be recovering, there are more relaxing, neutral colours such as browns and creams, combined with stronger colours like plum.

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