Monday, 16 August 2010

Monthly Feature with Michelle Hart of the Centre for Voluntary Services (CVS)

It was back to basics on todays' feature with Michelle from the CVS, looking at why people volunteer.

Remembering that volunteering is always unpaid, it can still be a really enjoyable experience and you can get a lot out of it aswell as the organisation you are working with.

It's a great way of trying something new and meeting new people. It's also a good way of enhancing your CV and getting new experience.

And trying to find a suitable role is crucial - it's important to find something you'll enjoy aswell as being able to give a realistic commitment.

Finally, Michelle highlighted a really worthwhile volunteering opportunity currently available in St Albans. Herts Young Homeless Group is looking for 'Crashpad Hosts' to provide temporary accomodation to people aged 16-17 for upto 3 weeks. The idea of being a host is to provide a place for a person to stay for a short time which gives time for families to cool off and have some breathing space. All you need is a spare room - training, an induction, and expenses are given. Contact the CVS in St Albans for more information.

For any other information to do with volunteering and the CVS in St Albans, check out or go to the national volunteering website to look at all UK current volunteer vacancies at

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