Thursday, 29 July 2010

All a-flutter at the Jazz Evening

On West Herts Drivetime tonight we had Angela Harkness on the phone telling us about some exciting upcoming events at Butterfly World.

Tomorrow night (Fri 30th July) a Jazz Evening will be taking place from 6.30pm, with music from The Gershwin Gang featuring Claire Harper. Around 200 people are expected to attend, and tickets will be sold on the door. If that doesn't sound good enough as it is, there will also be free champagne! All ages are welcome, however it is suggested that this might be a night particularly for adults to go out and enjoy themselves!

If the kids feel left out by this, fear not, as there are children's activities going on at Butterfly World every day throughout the summer holidays. Numerous workshops are taking place, including observing butterflies, making candles out of bees wax and feeding the birds. On Wednesdays at 10.30am there are also music sessions for the under 4s, and on the 18th August there will be an extra-special session where the children can bring in old junk and convert it into instruments to make up the Rubbish Insect Orchestra!

You can check out all this and more on Butterfly World's website -

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