Monday, 14 June 2010

Monthly Feature with Karin Williams from St Albans Citizens Advice Bureau

Hi everyone,

Karin Williams was with us today from St Albans Citizens Advice Bureau.

Karin begun by explaining that as the World Cup starts, so does an increase in domestic violence. Many different people can be affected by this issue and it's important to get help as soon as possible and seek legal advice. If you choose to leave your home, make sure you protect your rights to it. For details of how to do this, you can contact the Citizens Advice Bureau.

And if you want leave from work to watch the matches, make sure you book it and don't just take a sickie. If you do call in sick and you're not, you could be dismissed for it.

Karin also advised that a new scheme called the 'Energy Rebate Scheme' has started for those over 70 years of age. This means you should get £80 of your next energy bill if you get the guarenteed part of pension credit and you're not already on a discounted tariff.
Call 0845 600 033 for more information.

More good news followed! From July, the government is launching the 'Saving Gateway'. The scheme will contribute 50p for every £1 you save. If you qualify for the scheme, you should be contacted in the near future or you can go to the DWP website for more information.

And that was it for this month, Karin will be back with us on the 12th July at 5.30pm. For more information about anything Karin talked about, or for advice about anything else, you can call into the Citizens Advice Bureau at 64 London Road, St Albans or call 01727 855269, or check out the website

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