Monday, 10 May 2010

Monthly Feature with Karin Willliams of the Citizen Advice Bureau

Hi everyone,

On the show today we heard had Karin from the St Albans Citizens Advice Bureau doing her monthly interview.

To begin with, Karin talked about the new Fit Notes that have replaced Sick Notes. These new notes are for your GP to specify what you are able to do at work and are issued with a view to employer and employee working together to help you return to work. However, it's important that your GP is very specific about what they put on Fit Notes so they are not mis-interpreted by either employer or employee. For more information, you can check out the DWP website at

The next topic that Karin talked about was related to the recent volcanic ash that has been causing flight disruption recently. Karin pointed out that if you are delayed and cannot work you have no legal right to be paid although you could take the time off as annual leave. You shouldn't be dismissed due to absence that is due to circumstances beyond your control - if you are you have a very strong case for unfair dismissal.

Next Karin mentioned that the Citizens Advice Bureau have just created some short films in British Sign Language on various topics which are available on the CAB website. To access them, check out

And the last topic that Karin covered was to do with losing your home if you can't keep up the mortgage repayments on it. You can always contact the CAB and they can discuss your options which include negotiating with your mortgage lender. The CAB can even go to court hearings with you and guide you through the process.

For more information about anything Karin talked about, or for advice about anything else, you can call into the Citizens Advice Bureau at 64 London Road, St Albans or call 01727 855269, or check out the website

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