Monday, 10 May 2010

Important Poll Results Are In...

It seems you, the listeners have spoken.

A few weeks ago, Jonny Seabrook mentioned on his Sunday Lunchtime show that he reckoned he looks younger than Danny Smith, despite actually being several years older than Danny. Because of this outrageous claim, we decided to set up a poll on our blog to let you, the listeners, decide on this. The poll was closed on Friday afternoon and the final votes were as follows:

Jonny Seabrook 55%
Danny Smith 45%

Therefore, it would seem that the majority of you agree with Jonny that he does indeed look younger than Danny! To add further insult to injury, during the live on-air reveal of the voting results, John Stephenson (presenter of Friday Focus) phoned into the show with the claim that HE reckoned he could win a contest with Danny on who looks younger (Incidentally, John used to be George Peppard's stunt double on The A Team!).

Danny challenged Jonny on the integrity of the voting system and Jonny did admit to some "help" from a friend who teaches IT at a local school. Danny then suggested to Jonny that he should help Robert Mugabe with his next election!

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