Monday, 10 May 2010

The Gig Guide: Tracklisting - Friday 10th May 2010

Greetings all,

Good to be back. I only just realised that my post from last week didnt actually appear on my page, so just in case you didn't realise we're back finally in brand spanking new studio.

Managed to kick off the first show with a 6 track opening show, to celebrate being back. So without further ado...

The Pocket Gods – Dan Brown In Town

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Nick Stephenson – Sally Don’t Sing The Blues

Cosmic Blaze – No Way

Weird Sleeping Kittens – Careful

The Scratch – Independent Unrepetant

OUTRO: Oasis – Hello

Thanks all for listening, more tracks next week including new bands never played before on the show + the usual fun of the Outro track and Track Of The Week

Until Friday...


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