Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Monthly feature with Karin Williams of the Citizens Advice Bureau

Hi everyone,

On the show today we heard from Karin Williams of the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Karin begun the interview by pointng out that from the 6th April this year, the age at which you can claim the state pensions is increasing for both men and women. If you were born after the 6th April 1959, you won't be able to get a state pension until your aged between 65 and 68 depending on when you were born. On a positive note, the number of qualifying years for the state pension is to be reduced to 30 years.

The next topic that Karin covered was claims to employment tribunals. When an employee wins a case, some employers don't pay the due compensation. From the 6th April, employees can ask a High Court Enforcement Officer to collect the debt if the employer doesn't pay and this will only cost £50. This change comes about as a result of campaigning by the Citizens Advice Bureau.

The next topic was about people who have paid £1000's for training courses only to find the training company becomes insolvent. The advice Karin gave is to pay by credit card for these services which then offer you some protection in such circumstances.

Also on the subject of training, Karin advised that from the 6th April, in any company with more than 250 employees, an employee now has a legal right to ask for time off for training and the employer must at least consider the idea. If the employer says no, the employee can legally challenge this using the employers grievance procedure.

For more information on anything that Karin covered, and anything else you need advice on, you can call into the Bureau at 64 London Road, St Albans, or give them a call on 01727 855269, or visit www.adviceguide.org.uk

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