Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Interview with Andy Jarosz - Travel Correspondent

Hi everyone,

On todays show we heard from Andy Jarosz, our travel correspondent. Andy explained that this is the busiest time of the year for booking a holiday. The UK is currently very popular possibly due to the weak euro, as in Turkey and mainland Europe.

Having a holiday is an essential time for relaxing and unwinding. To get the best rates, you could book early or even leave it to the last minute. Being flexible with your dates can sometimes mean you get a good deal.

Andy also advised to shop around for your currency to ensure you get the best deal.

Managing your spending money whilst on holiday can also be very important. Some all inclusive deals offer good value for money and with all inclusive holidays it's all paid for before you go so you might not need as much spending money.

Another travel tip was for those who might pay for an organised excursion. As an alternative, you could try getting the local bus to a destination instead which is just as good, can be alot cheaper and can also be a great adventure!

For more advice, tips and stories relating to travel, you can check out Andy's website at www.501places.com.


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