Friday, 20 November 2009

Current and new cinema films and DVDs to try.....

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Here's a selection of current and new cinema films and DVDs to try:


12A 158 mins
Contains sustained moderate threat and one use of strong language

A Christmas Carol

PG 95 mins
Contains mild threat, scary scenes and mild language

Harry Brown

18 104 mins
Contains very strong language, strong violence, hard drug use and sex.


U 102 mins
Contains mild threat.

The Men who stare at goats

15 94 mins
Contains strong language and comic drug references

The Fourth Kind

15 98 mins
Contains strong psychological horror

Fantastic Mr. Fox

PG 87 mins.
Contains mild violence and scary scenes.

Michael Jackson's This Is It

PG 111 mins
Contains infrequent scary images

The Fourth Kind

15 98 mins
Contains strong psychological horror.

An Education

12A 100 mins
Contains moderate sex scenes

Jennifer’s Body

15 102 mins
Contains very strong language, bloody horror, sex references and drug use

New Cinema releases:

The Twighlight Saga: New Moon

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner. In ‘New Moon’, the hugely anticipated sequel to ‘Twilight’, Bella Swan is distraught by the sudden departure of her vampire love, Edward Cullen.

However, Bella’s spirits are lifted by her relationship with the irresistible Jacob Black. But now she finds her loyalties are put to the test, as she is drawn into a world of werewolves and old enemies of the vampires.

12A 131 mins
Contains moderate fantasy violence and horror.

A Serious Man

Michael Stuhlbarg, Richard Kind, Fred Melamed, Sari Lennick. The latest film from Joel & Ethan Coen, ‘A Serious Man’ explores faith, responsibility, mortality and dentistry…!

Larry Gopnik, a physics professor, discovers his wife is leaving him for one of his acquaintances. Meanwhile his unemployable brother is sleeping on the couch, his son is in constant trouble and his daughter is stealing money to fund a nose job. If that wasn’t enough, a student is also trying to sue and his neighbour torments him by sunbathing in the nude. Visiting three different rabbis for advice, Larry struggles to get his life back on track and become ‘a mensch’ – a serious man.

15 105 mins
Contains strong language and soft drug use

The Informant!

Based on a true story about the highest-ranking whistle blower in American history, ‘The Informant’ stars Matt Damon as Mark Whitacre, a rising star in the Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) corporation.

When Whitacre goes to the FBI to expose his company’s price-fixing conspiracy they equip him with a hidden tape recorder to collect evidence. However, they soon discover their star witness has been helping himself to the corporate coffers, and it becomes impossible for them to separate fact from fiction. As Whitacre’s over-active imagination leads the investigation to a series of dead-ends it threatens bring down one of the world’s biggest corporate cover ups.

If you liked ‘Erin Brokovich’ and ‘The Sentinel’, you’ll love ‘The Informant!’.

15 108 mins
Contains strong language.


Bill Bailey's Remarkable Guide To The Orchestra

Musical comedy

Transatlantic Sessions - Series 4

Filmed and recorded in 2009 at the stunning location of Glenlyon House, Perthshire

Jeremy Kyle - Access All Areas

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