Friday, 9 October 2009

Transition St Albans

Hi everyone,

On the show today we heard from Richard Watson of Transition
St Albans which is part of the Transition Towns movement. The aim of the movement is to prepare our towns and cities for the twin challenges of peak oil and climate change.

In the coming decades, climate change and peak oil will require us to radically re-think our lifestyles, and adopt a way of life that uses less energy. This will need government legislation, and it will need individual actions, but we don’t need to wait for either of those. Transition Towns is about empowering communities to pull together and start grassroots initiatives in their local areas.

Each Transition Town is different and develops its own set of projects. These may include community gardens, car sharing, insulation and energy saving campaigns, and even local currencies such as in Totnes. There are over 200 official transition initiatives registered, in Britain and abroad. Transition St Albans is an official Transition Initiative – the 196th!

For more information, go to Transition St Albans is also showing a film next week at the Maltings Arts Centre about the organisation. It's on Tuesday 13th October at 7.30pm. Tickets are £5 (£3 for concessions) and are available from the Maltings Box Office on 01727 844 222. They will also be at the St Albans Farmers Market on Sunday this week.

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