Monday, 12 October 2009

Interview with Kumud Ghandi of the Cooking Academy


We also had Kumud Ghandi of the Cooking Academy being interviewed on the show today. Kumud has been cooking from a young age, studied food science and is interested in how to work with food for health.

Kumud set up the Academy three and a half years ago and it offers courses in British, European, Indian and Thai cooking. The Academy also caters for those who don't know alot about cooking and also looks at the medicinal uses of food, aswell as offering a chance to learning about spices and how to cook with them.

Kumud is also keen to promote healthy eating in schools - it can be very beneficial for young people to eat certain foods to help development. Kumud also believes that learning to cook at school is a really good skill and can equip people with practical life skills.

For more information on the Cooking Academy, call 08450 685848 or visit


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