Monday, 26 October 2009

Interview with Karin Williams of St Albans Citizens Advice Bureau

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On todays show we spoke with Karin Williams of St Albans Citizens Advice Bureau. With Christmas and New Year not that far away, the Citizens Advice Bureau is looking for volunteers to help 2 days per week in giving advice. In becoming a volunteer, you would receive lots of training and learn about all sorts of issues. For an information pack, call in to the Bureau at 64 London Road, St Albans or email

Karin also mention that around Christmas alot of people end up in debt. If you are considering credit the advice was always read the small print. Also, if you don't pay on time you can end up paying additional interest. It's also worth remebering that currently no legislation exists on irresponsible lending, so be careful and shop around if you're going to borrow money.

Karin also mention that as the cold season approaches, it's importnat to keep warm. If you find keeping warm expensive, you can always shop around for a cheaper tariff or even ask your current supplier about a social tariff. A social tariff is a reduced tariff for those who are sick or disabled.

And the good news is that from the 2nd November, child benefit will no longer be counted as income for those applying for housing benefit or council tax benefit. That basically means you're likely to receive more benefit.

For more information or to contact the St Albans Citizens Advice Bureau, you can call 01727 855269 or go to For information on saving money and money related issues you can also check out

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