Monday, 28 September 2009

Interview with Karin Williams from St Albans Citizens Advice Bureau

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On the show today we heard from Karin Williams from the St Albans Citizens Advice Bureau. Karin was here for the Citizens Advice Bureau monthly interview, and today the theme was employment.

We were informed that some people on low incomes may actually be entitled to some benefits even though they are working. These benefits include tax credits, income support, help with mortgage interest payments, housing benefit and council tax benefit. In some cases it's even possible to claim for travel expenses to get to interviews. For more information, you can contact your local job centre or the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Karin also talked about the problem of bullying in the workplace. It's something the Citizens Advice Bureau have a lot of enquiries about. Bullying at work is when someone or an incident causes you alarm or distress - the message was don't put up with it. For help and more information, Karin recommended that you contact ACAS.

And the final topic was about being ill on holiday. As a result of a ruling by the European Court of Justice, if you are sick whilst on holiday, you can claim this time as time off as sick leave and preserve your holiday entitlement.

For more information or to contact the St Albans Citizens Advice Bureau, you can call 01727 855269 or go to

A very interesting interview.


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