Friday, 5 June 2009

'Dear Gordon, I Quit'

Hello again.

So the elections are done, the results are flooding through and we are free to talk at last. Yesterday the ban on talking about party politics on my Radio Verulam show was a bit like Basil Fawlty: 'Don't mention the war..I mentioned it once - but I think I got away with it!'

Meanwhile we have had a cabinet re-shuffle. Earlier in the week they were (to use a cliche) queuing to jump, just like rats leaving a sinking ship; like moving the chairs on the Titanic (0 out of 10 for originality). How can you shuffle the pack when they're all jokers! (Enough I hear you say). Earlier in the week the Guardian called for the PM to go. In the Times today they put James Purnell's letter on the front page, but I have also heard pundits saying Gordon Brown may be safe after all. The calls for a general election from David Cameron and Nick Clegg grow ever more shrill. They scent blood and are not going to stop now. What is crucial is whether the PM can still command the support of his own side. This looks increasingly doubtful. In 1990 the Tories did the deed and removed Mrs Thatcher while she was still in office. These are very interesting times, and already 2009 will go down as a big year in history. I managed to talk about some of this with my partner-in-crime Danny on his Friday show.

On Thursday we heard from Warren Knight one of our afternoon presenters, phoning in live from a jazz benefit gig for Alzheimers Disease at the 100 Club in Oxford Street, London. Warren sounded like he was enjoying himself! Great music too. I also got a call from folk singer Julie Felix who appears at the Maltings on Saturday. She's from California but has been performing over here since the '60s. She has worked with the likes of Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan. We both agreed that Dylan's new album isn't quite as good as the last one. Also Lydia previewed her 7pm Irish show - The Emerald Hour.

Saturday marks 65 years since the D-Day Normandy landings in France on 6th June, 1944. We now know this turned the tide of the Second World War. The Allies led by Britain and America went on to victory against the Axis powers led by Nazi Germany. Four years earlier things had seemed far worse. On 4th June 1940 the troops were evacuated in the nick of time at Dunkirk. Winston Churchill told the House of Commons that day: 'We shall fight them on the beaches...we shall never surrender!' We played you that famous speech, complete with the chimes of Big Ben, V for Victory (Beethoven's 5th) and Vera Lynn singing White Cliffs of Dover. If you want to find out more watch BBC 1 Sat. 4.20pm D-Day 65: The Veterans Return.

Before that you can watch The Derby. And I'm looking forward to the final of The Apprentice on Sunday. The more belligerant Sir Alan gets, the better! As for Big Brother - I don't think I'll bother.

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In the meantime, have a good weekend. I'm back on air Tuesday 4-7pm


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