Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The Speaker resigns

Hello Bloggers.

As I write, we learn that Micheal Martin is to resign as Speaker later today. When he goes he will be the first Speaker to have been forced out of office for more than 300 years. I watched proceedings in the House of Commons with growing disbelief yesterday as he struggled to make his annoucement and several MPs openly called for him to go. The whole thing was a complete shambles! I ask however if Speaker Martin has been made a scapegoat when the real problem is surely the greed of many of our politicians who have fraudulently claimed all these expenses - everything from moats to toilet seats. It makes it harder to trust any of them!
On a lighter note, I have nothing to say about the split between Jordan aka Katie Price and Peter Andre which dominated the tabloids over the weekend. I am pleased that England beat the West Indies 2-0 in the test series but was shocked to learn their captain Chris Gayle would not miss test cricket if it disappeared. It was fun to do the extra programmes for Danny recently and meeting Simon Carver for the film guide (Wednesdays) and Chris Saunders with the gig guide (Fridays) as well as local singer Katie Masson. On recent shows, I have also featured a nonsense poem from Edward Lear, music from Faure and all the usual rock'n'roll!
A few of us from Radio Verulam were at the Harpenden Carnival on Sunday. Thankfully, the early rain didn't last and if I met you I will give you a mention later today. For more fun, tune in at four.

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John B-S

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