Saturday, 9 May 2009

The Gig Guide - Review & Tracklisting: Fri 8th May 2009

Greetings all,

Was a bit of a different show this week with Danny away and John BS driving the desk but it was a smooth nearly seamless show once again.

There were lots of gigs to mention this week, mainly due to the fact that it's the St Albans Music City Festival this week. There are stacks of great artists around our excellent city of which all of our artists (yes, even the Outro artists) are taking part in.

For more details on the festival, visit

Our interviewee this week was the amazing & talented Katie Masson, who came into the studio to talk about her solo projects and also her work with Polly Poison & Her Electric Antidote. Both acts are playing over the next few weeks so make sure that you check out their MySpace pages for more details.


Albany Down - Morning After

Elephant Shelf – Fussing & Fighting

INTERVIEW: Katie Masson

Polly Poison & Her Electric Antidote – Lovers Do

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Katie Masson – The Edge Of The World

OUTRO: Hawkwind - Silver Machine

In case you didn't catch all of the listings this week (and there were quite a few), you can find details of all gigs happening near you at

Join us next week when we'll have the fantastic Munition on the show. And hopefully we can find the Gig Guide backing music by then

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