Friday, 17 April 2009

Tracklisting: The Gig Guide - Easter Special Part 2, Easter Monday 13th April 2009

(Apologies for the delay!)

Bebop & Rocksteady – No Long Time

Albany Down – I Wanna Know

Royal Flush – Tomorrow

The Tearaways – Wesley Ruggles

Polly Poison & Her Electric Antidote – Get Down Now

Alpha Zero – Spirits

Saville – I Don’t Feel Right Anymore

Gekko – Can’t Relate

African Queen – Coco Shy

Maclaren Wall – For A Day

The Generals – Laura
(Facebook-search for 'The Generals')

The Startover – 13 Ways To Be Better Than You

Thanks everyone for tuning in. Hope you all had a decent Easter Holiday.

We're back to normal from this Friday - 6:30pm-7pm

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