Sunday, 5 April 2009

The Gig Guide: Review & Tracklisting - Fri 3rd April 2009

Greetings all, It was another tight-packed show but it was a good one. This week we had the Josh, Luke & Rupert from The Generals in the studio talking about their upcoming gig in aid of Oxfam at The Horn on Wednesday. We also had some great tracks from Saville & Libido Banshee with a rather appropriate Outro track by Radiohead, seeing as they will be playing Reading this year and yours truly will be there to see it. Last time I sit for two depressing hours on the computer and phone trying to get one though!


Libido Banshee – Such A Drag

Saville – I Don’t Feel Right Anymore

The Generals – Dust and Girls
The Generals – Laura
(For info search for 'The Generals' on Facebook)

Radiohead – Just

Just a reminder that next week we're on Thursday as there is no West Herts Show with Danny Smith on Good Friday (and i'll be in the pub like everyone else). Just want to say at this quarterly stage of the year a big thankyou to everyone so far that has contributed to the show either by sending in their music or appearing on the show and even those who listen. It's been going really good so far and we've been getting some really good feedback on the show. If you have been enjoying the show and have any feedback on how we can make it better or just how much you love it, then let me know and drop me a message.

Thanks again everyone! And remember we're on next THURSDAY, 6:30pm-7pm

Chris @
Radio Verulam

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