Sunday, 15 March 2009

The Gig Guide: Review & Tracklisting - Fri 15th March 2009

Greetings all,

It was an excellent show this week, including a brilliant interview with Paul Littler. Also a big thankyou to Royal Flush who not only gave us a first play of their latest track but also for the rather lovely t-shirt. I'll post up a picture of me wearing it at some point, promise!

Also worth mentioning the Red Nose gigs by Swanvesta Social Club who visited five different venues and playing in a short amount of time before moving on to the next one. It would be great to hear some feedback about the evening and how they got on, so if anyone went along to any of the gigs, then drop me a message.

Jenium - Close To Home

Royal Flush - Tomorrow

INTERVIEW: Paul Littler - 'Hello Blue' & Ain't No Need'

Outro: Journey - Don't Stop Believing

Just a quick reminder that Paul is playing as part of the White Rabbit Promotions night at The Horn, St Albans next Friday from 8pm. I shall mention the details again on the show next week and yours truly will be there on the night.

Until next week,
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  1. Hola from the Swanvestas -well we got through all the gigs - ontime all 5 gigs packed and differnt atmospheres in each - most "lounge" The peahen - most friendly The spotted Bull - wildest Barneys - most packed The Boot - most dancers The Vintry £1143 raised amazing! and loadsa punters helped us move equipment - all done by hand - between venues! x

  2. Fantastic guys, really well done. I shall have to mention that on the show for next week :)