Thursday, 26 May 2016

Chris and Trevor with 'Tools With a Mission' @dagnallstreet

Our studio guests this afternoon were Chris and Trevor from the Dagnall Street Baptist Church, here to discuss The 'Tools With A Mission' Charity, which assists people from other countries who lack the skills to earn a living and independently support themselves.

TWAM collects and refurbishes tools no longer required in the UK to help developing projects, and the Dagnall Street Baptist Church (found behind WH Smiths in the Town Centre) will be holding a collection next Wednesday (The 1st of June) between 12 and 7pm.

The tools they ask for are:

  • Motor Mechanics
  • Carpentry Tools
  • Building, Plumbing and Electrician Tools
  • Electric Power Tools
  • Bench and band Saws
  • Sewing Machines
  • Laptops
  • Flat Screen Computers
  • Craft Items
  • Gardening Tools (Spades, Hoes etc.)
  • Educational Textbooks
  • Adult Mountain Bikes
  • Manual Typewriters
  • Please do not bring glass items, gas bottles, electric hedge cutters or lawnmowers
For more information on TWAM the Charity's website is, and for updates on the drive you can visit Dagnall Street Baptist Church's Facebook page

Chris' Film Club: Wanted

And our final film based on Graphic Novels this week is 'Wanted'

Based on the Mark Millar and J.G. Jones graphic novel of the same name, it tells the story of The Fraternity, a secret society of assassins.

Stars James McAvoy, Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman, and Terence Stamp.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Chris' Film Club: Road to Perdition

Today's Film Club looks at 'Road to Perdition'.

Based on the graphic novel by Max Allan Collins, it follows a mob enforcer who goes on the run with his son, determined to get revenge against the mobster who murders the rest of his family.

Stars Tom Hanks, Paul Newman, Jude Law and Daniel Craig, and was Newman’s final on-screen film appearance.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Chris' Film Club: Ghost World

Next on this weeks Graphic Novel themed Film Club is 'Ghost World' from 2001.

Based on the Daniel Clowes graphic novel, about two teenage outsiders (Thora Birch and Scarlett Johansson) who bond with a lonely older man (Steve Buscemi).

An odd but affecting film, and consistently funny throughout.

Interior Design Feature with Gwendoline Alderton

This month Gwendoline talked about people who are trying to sell their home. sHE answered many questions that she had been asked this month.

Why do you need bedside tables when you're selling your house?
If you have a single bed it's appropriate to have a single bed but if you have a double bed then normally you have one bedside table either side of the bed.  However if your room is too small you could use a small shelf either side.  Having two bedside tables either side of the bed makes the room symmetrical and increases the overall harmony and happiness.  This is especially important if you're selling your home.  Having somewhere to put a lamp is important because this improves the lighting in the room.  Being able to put a lamp either side of bed creates a mood of attractiveness.  Also you can put accessories on the bed side table which can make the room look more attractive- such as pictures which match the color scheme.

How do you identify the purpose of a room?
If you're not using a room for its intended purpose then you should make sure that the intended purpose of the room is clear.  This ensures that the buyer can envisage the room for its intended purpose.  Make sure rooms such as junk rooms have a clear purpose as this maximises the value of the room.

Which colors should I use when selling my house?
In terms of colors, Gwendoline suggests that one veers away from magnolia as it is too dark and overused. You should use paler colors when you are selling you house because vibrant colors like red could look too domineering and severe.  Paler colors are are in fashion at the moment, with the colors of the year being rose quartz and pale blue.  Right now lots of sea-like colors are in the shops such as turquoise and blues.  These colors are very easy to work with and most people love them.

For more information visit Gwendoline's website: