Thursday, 21 July 2016

Interview with Wendy Howson from St Albans Rotary Club

St Albans-Verulamium Rotary Club President Wendy Howson was our guest on the Drivetime this afternoon.

Wendy is the Local Rotary Club's recently elected First Female President, and she discussed her long past in aid working that includes work abroad such as helping establish Radio Stations in Africa, and fundraising here in the local area to support projects in poorer countries.

On top of this, she talked about 'Harpenden Spotlight On Africa', the Rotary Club partnered charity that hopes to bring long-term development to the poorer parts of Africa.

 To donate or find out more about Harpenden Spotlight on Africa you can visit their official website here
For updates from the St Albans-Verulamium Rotary Club click here to visit their website.

And if you missed the interview you can listen to it by visiting and navigating to today's show from 5.30

Chris' Film Club: Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

The Final entry to the Film Club this week is the 1999 comedy sequel to 'Austin Powers.

Mike Myers returns as the international man of mystery Austin Powers, who teams up with an American spy (Heather Graham) to stop Dr. Evil (also Myers) who has travelled back in time and stolen Austin’s mojo.

Rob Lowe from the West Wing features as Past No. 2, and it also stars Michael York, Robert Wagner, Verne Troyer and Mindy Sterling.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Chris' Film Club: Wall Street

On today's Film Club, Chris chooses 'Wall Street' from 1987.

Martin Sheen plays the father of Charlie Sheen’s character in this Oliver Stone film.
Charlie Sheen plays a young and ambitious stockbroker, Bud, who goes to work with Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas), an unscrupulous money-driven man. Bud is then forced to choose between money and family.

Also stars Daryl Hannah, John C. McGinley, and Terence Stamp.

The drivetime sessions with @ThePaperSnakes

This week on the Drivetime sessions we were reunited with the paper snakes who have previously featured on the show but have even more exciting news this time around.Th first original song performed by Chris and Paul was the beautifully sombre ‘On my own’ which was followed by ‘Hold on’ which provided an upbeat contrast to their opening track. Finally they ended the session with an immensely energetic cover of the song ‘Monkey Man.’

If you’d like to hear these unmissable tracks from the paper snakes as well as Chris, Paul and Danny reminiscing about their memories of retro recording methods and the upcoming events for the band then you can check out their facebook page

The session will be available for a week after broadcast at by navigating to Wednesday at 5.30pm.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Chris' Film Club: The Infidel

Continuing with this weeks focus on the cast of 'The West Wing', today's Film Club looks at 'The Infidel'. Richard Schiff plays Lenny in this 2010 British comedy.

Omid Djalili plays Mahmud, a British Muslim who discovers he was actually adopted at birth, and is ethnically Jewish. To reconnect with his birth father, he must find his Jewish roots.

Written by David Baddiel, it also stars Matt Lucas and Amit Shah.