Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Hot Topics 11th December 2018

This week the ever popular[?] Hot Topics covered advertising standards complaints, Xmas Songs, Techie forecast for 2019 and Secret Santa gifts.

Health Matters. Hospital Fines, Stay Well, NHS 111, Patient Transport, 1,000 Miles!

Four Issues in tonight’s DriveTime

  • Hospital Fines
  • Stay Well This Winter
  • NHS 111
  • Patient Transport
  • 1,000 miles for the NHS

1. Hospital Waiting List Fines
West Herts Hospital Trust (“WHHT”) has been fined £888,000 by our local Clinical Commissioning Group because patients are waiting too long for planned and elective surgery – these fines are in respect of APR and MAY this year; further fines are likely to be levied at around £500K a month for the rest of the year.

How ridiculous is this? True, waiting times need to be improved and steps need to be taken to address the issue; but this is really the result of years of under-funding and that can hardly be fixed by imposing fines. In effect our Commissioning Group is saying “we’re fining you for not investing the money we haven’t given you over the last three years!”. But there is good news for WHHT – they’re getting an extra £11m to fix A&E!
2. Stay Well This Winter
Some strong tips to help you stay well this winter

  • If you start to feel unwell, even if it is just a cough or cold, don’t wait until it gets more serious – get help from your pharmacist.
  • If you have a long-term health condition like COPD (lung diseases), bronchitis, emphysema, diabetes, heart or kidney disease, or have suffered a stroke, get advice from your pharmacist or GP on how to keep well during the colder months.
  • Remember to pick up your prescription before the Christmas holidays start. Many GPs and pharmacies will close over the holiday period.
  • NHS 111 will help you get the right medical attention urgently or visit www.nhs.uk which can direct you to a local service that is open during the holiday period.
  • Older neighbours, relatives, friends and other elderly members of the community are more vulnerable in the winter months and may need a bit of extra help this winter, so make sure you keep in touch.
  • It is important to keep warm in winter, both inside and out as it can help to prevent colds, flu and more serious health problems, such as heart attacks, strokes, pneumonia and depression.

For full details on staying well this winter, go to

3. NHS 111
The third instalment (of three!) on NHS 111. We’ve covered the general service, we had Health Advisor Beverley Squirrel (we would probably refer to her as a call handler) in the studio last month and this month we’re covering the support behind those call handlers.

Because this is the critical point about 111 – there’s a full service team available 24 hours a day – it’s not just the call handler and a computer as we heard last month from Beverley. There’s a 24hr GP, as well as a Pharmacist, a Dental Nurse, other Nurses and a Paramedic who assist with complex cases.

Talking to the Hatfield Rotary Club a couple of weeks ago there was universal agreement that the 111 service is exceptional! So our special thanks to the team and best wishes for Christmas.

4. Patient Transport
One of the real problem areas locally is that of Patient Transport - for full information go to

5. NHS at 70By walking to the studio this evening I completed my 1,000 miles for the NHS. So now reality sets in – my wife is picking me up after the show!

And finally - a very happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year!

Monday, 10 December 2018

Consumer Advice

Tonight we were joined by Elizabeth Crampton for our regular update on current consumer issues.

Homeless people
This issue has been notable on St Peters Street recently so what is the local councils position on this?

If you're already homeless, or likely to become homeless within the next 8 weeks you can apply for help getting somewhere to live from your local council. This is known as making a homeless application.

The council will look into your situation to decide what help they might be able to give you. There isn't a set time to get a decision, but there shouldn't be an unreasonably long delay.

Before making an application you can check via the web site link below, If you're not sure, it's still worth applying because the council has to review all applications.

Wedding Insurance Policies

The kind of policy you buy, or even if you buy it at all, turns on how much you're spending on the big day and what kind of wedding you've planned.

Not every wedding is the size of an Elton John bash, so if you could easily rearrange it on your own, then wedding insurance isn't a must

However, if the financial and emotional stress of rearranging would be too much, insurance will be worth a look.

Venue cancellation and supplier failure are the two main reasons people buy wedding insurance; policies start from £19 for weddings of £3,000 and go up to £300 for £100,000 weddings.

More details on these items and much more  can be found at the web site 

Friday, 7 December 2018

The Radio Verulam Film Guide: Friday 7th December 2018

7th December 2018 – Films on TV

Simon picks his choice of movies on free-to-air TV:

Super 8 (2011)
7.45pm – 10.00pm

Arthur Christmas (2011)
4.40pm – 6.35pm
Channel 4

Casino (1995)
10.00pm – 1.50am

The Edge of Tomorrow (2014)
9.00pm – 11.35pm
Channel 5

Suffragette (2015)
7.50pm – 10.00pm

Love Actually (2003)
9.00pm – 11.45pm

Déjà Vu (2006)
9.00pm – 11.30pm
Sony Movie Channel

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

The Drivetime Sessions with the amazing @scarlettefever_

Today we were joined by the incredible Scarlette Fever! We asked her to perform 1 original song and 2 covers. Her original song was 'Let The Music Save Me' and she graced us with a cover of 'Santa Baby' and 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas'. She has a new EP coming out called "December Prayer " on Friday 14th December. Scarlette Fever is also playing at Dylans @ 7pm on the 16th December.

You can find Scarlette Fever on:

(Her website) https://www.scarlettefever.co.uk/

(Facebook) https://www.facebook.com/ScarletteFeverOfficial/

If you missed this week's Drivetime Session you can listen again!

And the video of the session can be found at www.facebook.com/westhertsdrive