Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Chris' Film Club: Scarface

The theme for this week's Film Club is 'Gangster Films', so I've gone for the American classic Scarface. Al Pacino is Tony Montana, a Cuban immigrant who makes his way to the top of the Miami crime world and makes a few enemies along the way.

The film is directed by Brian De Palma and also stars Michelle Pfeiffer, Steven Bauer and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. It's full of grisly violence and drug taking, so it can be labelled under 'One for the whole family'.

The Quorum Singers

Today (Tuesday 30th of September) our guest on the drivetime show was Hellen Phillimore. Hellen is a member of the Quorum Singers of St. Albans, a choir who perform for charity. Helen was on to tell us about their upcoming concert on the 4th of October to celebrate the 25th anniversary of both the foundation of the choir and the opening of the community centre where they first performed. The Quorum Singers enjoy an excellent reputation both for the quality of their singing and their charitable works. They describe themselves as "a friendly group of men and women" and are happy to welcome new members.

The details for the anniversary concert are as follows:

Date: 4th October 2014
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Dagnall Street Baptist Church, St. Alban's AL3 5EE

For more information about The Quorum Singers, you can visit their website at:

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Chris' Film Club: The Lego Movie

Rounding off the theme of animated movies this week I've plumped for one of the biggest films of the last 12 months: The Lego Movie.

Written and directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, it tells the story of Emmett, a distinctly average construction worker who is mistaken for 'The Special', a person with the power to save the world from the evil Lord Business.

It has a voice cast with the talents of Chris Pratt, Morgan Freeman, Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks and Will Arnett and it is wonderfully creative, imaginatively animated and probably one that the adults can enjoy more than the kids.

The local American Football Team @whmosquitos join us

Today we were fortunate to be joined by Alex Lilly PR representative, team member James and Head Coach Burt for a recently founded American Football called Welwyn and Hatfield Mosquitos. 

It's an over 18 male and female team and they're hoping to build it into two separate teams and be playing in the league by 2016. They are currently looking to recruit and if you're interested, please do as it sounds like an exciting and fun opportunity. It runs on Saturdays from 10-12pm there is no current age limit and the oldest player they have met was 50+ so there is no limit listeners!

The first training session is free and has a monthly payment of £20 for membership.

To listen again go to http://listenagain.radioverulam.com/

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Chris' Film Club: Waltz with Bashir

So far this week we've had two films that are certainly aimed at younger viewers (although older ones can certainly enjoy them as well) but today we have a very adult animation. Waltz with Bashir is an animated documentary that charts Israeli director Ari Folman's attempts to remember what he was doing during the 1982 Lebanon War. The film shows conversations with fellow soldiers, journalists and psychologists, as Folman pieces together his whereabouts during the event, memories that have become lost to him over time.

Harrowing and beautiful in equal measure, it is a daring and imaginative film that shows that animation is certainly not a medium that only children can enjoy.